• Three Entities - A Unique Partnership

    The foundation is comprised of: A Florida based company passionate about drones, a leading drone technology and manufacturing company, and a highly innovative, robust, and scalable drone show software suite

    Local Presence & Experience

    Orlando based

    • Headquarted in the Orlando area, Dronz Events is a company majority owned by individuals committed to bringing innovate drone solutions to the Central Florida area.
    • The Dronz Event team can support Dronz IFO Drone Light Show events from 20 to 100 IFO Drones in Central Florida (I-4 Corridor, Tampa to Daytona Beach)), Titusville to Melbourne (I-95 Corridor), Fort Myers to Tarpon Springs (I-75 Corridor)

    IFO Drones Technology

    IFO Drones

    • UVify, headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in South Korea, has one single goal: To create amazing experiences with drones.
    • UVify’s high-performance IFO Drone choreography is designed to bring light-shows to the world. IFO Drones have the longest commercially available flight time, so more time, means more 'wow'!

    Software Platform

    DroneShowSoftwareTM (DSS) Suite

    • DroneShowSoftware™ enables simultaneous and synchronised control of many drones as flying pixels with an integrated open source 3D mission planning plugin.
    • DroneShowSoftware™ enriches possibilities of outdoor shows by adding drone swarm equipped with LEDs, fireworks, smoke generators and other special effects choreographed to music.
  • About Dronz Events

    We're local, we're focused, and we make you look spectacular!

    Who are where are we located?

    • Dronz Events is an Orlando- based company established to bring innovative IFOTM Drone Light Show experiences to millions of viewers
    • Dronz Events is focused on introducing spectacular 3D animated messages and shows in the sky starting in the Central Florida (I-4 Corridor), including Titusville, FL to Melbourne, FL (I-95 Corridor), and Fort Myers, FL to Tarpon Springs, FL (I-75 Corridor)

    What is our focus?

    • Dronz Events will prioritize its efforts on enabling event companies to offer drone events, but will also if requested deliver IFOTM Drone Light Show events directly.
    • Dronz Events IFOTM Drone Light Shows will be offering packages that start as low as $3,500
    • Bringing 2D and 3D animations in the sky to the masses

    How do we do it?

    • DronzNimatorsTM that will work with the venue owner to go from idea to DronzNimationTM
    • A great Central Florida based IFOTM Drone Light Show operations team
    • The brightest and longest flight time show specific drones in the industry
    • Robust, scalable, and redundant DroneShowSoftwareTM suite