• Have Questions?

    Answers to the Top 10 questions we keep being asked are below

    Q1: What is the maximum length of a Dronz Light Show?

    A1: Dronz Events utilizes the brightest and longest flying light show IFO Drones and our DronzNimations have an actual animation in the sky flying time of 10 minutes. The light show IFO Drones have been tested at full LED for 25 minutes, but for safety reasons, we run 10 minutes of actual animation time, but do incorporate animations into the ascent and descent of the IFO drones.

    Q2: What happens if weather or other factors forces a Dronz Light Show cancellation?

    A2: Event cancellation insurance may be purchased separately. The cost of this insurance is usually around 5% - 6% of the cost of the event but could be a higher % for small events. In such a cancellation we cannot provide a refund but can work with you on a reschedule.

    Q3: Why would a Dronz Light Show be better than fireworks?

    A3: : We love fireworks! We would never say that a Dronz IFO Drone Light Show is better. It’s very different. We can write letters in the sky, put up a company logo against the stars, show a dolphin leaping – all accompanied by inspiring music. The sky is our canvas – and yours too!

    Q4: What’s involved in ordering a Dronz IFO Drone Light Show from Dronz Events?

    A4: It’s a process, but an exciting one! With your contract we provide you with a questionnaire so that we can understand your needs. Soon after you return the questionnaire, we give you final pricing and we meet with you to go over the details. Then, we plan things out. We meet one more time before your show to confirm issues such as animation, music and so forth. Then, on with the show!

    Q5: Are your prices different for busy seasons and holidays?

    A5: Yes. Premium pricing will apply for July 4th, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day

    Q6: How much time is necessary to plan and set up a Dronz IFO Drone Light Show?

    A6: Normally, we require at least 90 days to set up your show. If necessary, we may be able to provide a show with less time, but this may involve added cost.

    Q7: What is the size of area needed in order to deploy a Dronz Light Show?

    A7: The recommended space between IFO Drones is 6ft therefore the area needed on the ground to support a Dronz IFO Drone Light Show event ranges from a minimum of 720sqft (meaning 12' x 60' if 2 rows of 10 IFO Drones each, or 24' x 30' if 4 rows of 5 IFO Drones each) to 3,600sqft (meaning 60' x 60' if 10 rows of 10 IFO Drones each, or 120' x 30' if 20 rows of 5 IFO Drones each).

    Q8: Can a Dronz IFO Drone Light Show be held indoors?

    A8: Unfortunately, not at this time. The reason is that the drones require a clear view of the sky as they utilize the latest RTK GNSS GPS satellites thus allowing the light show drones to fly at centimeter level precision.

    Q9: What is the smallest and largest Dronz IFO Drone Light Show Event offered at this time?

    A9: With a large enough budget, 100's of IFO Drones could be programmed to create a spectacular animation in the sky! However, at the moment, Dronz Events are created utilizing 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 light show IFO Drones.

    Q10: Why do you not provide set prices for your Dronz IFO Drone Light Shows?

    A10: With the exception of our “standard” shows for 20 or 40 drones, every drone show is a custom event with many variables such as the complexity of the animation, the audio equipment required, issues related to the event location, possible travel expenses etc.