• You Dream, We Work

    We take care of everything so that you don't have to


    Understand the Vision


    Meet and capture the purpose of the event and clearly understand what you want the audience to see


    Site Survey


    Visit the location where the show is to be delivered and assess space availability for the UVify IFO Drones to deploy and verify the RTK GNSS GPS satellite signal quality


    Defining the Animation Parameters​

    Review the story board that was created based on the initial inputs received regarding purpose of the event and what you want the audience to see


    Let's Agree


    Provide a quote for the Dronz Light Show, finalize the agreement, receive a deposit, and confirm the Dronz Light Show


    DronzNimationTM Approval

    Whether it is a small minimum 20 drone 2D event, or a Spectacular 2D and/or 3D event with a 100 drones, the ’DronzNimation will be completed within 1-3 weeks from the date of agreement signature and deposit receipt



    Set-Up & Prep


    We arrive and set up hours or a day prior to the event in order to stage, practice


    Goal of every Dronz Light Show is that your animation in the sky is truly brilliant and memorable




    Wow the audience on event night with a Dronz Light Show

  • Using Great Animation Tools

    An animation created using various types of animation software suites ends up being a DronzNimationTM

    Industry Accepted Animation Creation Suites

    Open Source and Professional Tools

    Using Blender (Open Source) or more advanced animation programs such as 3DS Max, Maya, or Houdini, the animation in the sky, whether 2D or 3D, is created.


    Once the animation is created and certified, it becomes a DronzNimation™ which is then ingested by the DroneShowSoftware™ (DSS) suite.

    DroneShowSoftware™ (DSS) by SPH Engineering

    Animations Certified by Dronz Events are Supported

    • DroneShowSoftware™ by SPH Engineering 
    • Animations certified by Dronz Events are supported
    • The DroneShowSoftware™ imports a certified version of the DronzNimation™ animation file that is compatible with the software. 
    • Each UVify IFO drone is then 'loaded' with is unique flight path. Days before the actual Dronz Light Show event, all drones are tested to be sure that all systems are 'go' as this ensures a smooth operation on the evening of the Dronz Light Show event.
    • Ultimately, the DroneShowSoftware™ is capable of ensuring an astonishing outdoor drone show where 'pixels in the sky' communicate a message or simply entertain an audience.